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The UNC-TV e-Guide is the e-newsletter of UNC-TV. Every two weeks we send out the latest information about upcoming programs, special events, screenings and schedule changes. Subscribers to the e-Guide are often the first to hear about new programs and also enjoy the many images, video clips, more in-depth descriptions and other unique features that are not available any place else.

Since its launch in 2003 as the first public broadcasting e-newsletter in the state with 5,000 initial subscribers, the UNC-TV e-Guide has steadily grown to over 20,000 readers in 2006 and we are still growing! As of 2013, we now have over 55,000 loyal subscribers from across the state.

The best thing about the UNC-TV e-Guide is that its an easy way to stay connected to your statewide television network. The UNC-TV Guide is yet another example of how we can use new technologies to enhance our ability to share knowledge that enriches the mind and creativity that inspires the spirit. It is our hope that citizens, educational institutions, public service organizations, and state government will use our unique, easily accessible programs and services to help them achieve their goals, and the UNC-TV e-Guide is part of our overall communications plan. Our realized vision will demonstrate that through UNC-TV, knowledge translates into economic, social, cultural, and historical value.

Thank you for watching and supporting UNC-TV!

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